Twiggy Grid Outdoor Suspension

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A lamp-icon in it's outdoor version. Based on the image of a fishing rod as it curves, Twiggy Grid embodies its flexibility, clarity and strength, gathering them into an object with a vivid personality. In the outdoor model Twiggy returns to the wide open spaces. The shade is modified, with a woven surface that has both functional and aesthetic value: it makes it possible to screen the intensity of the light source, while at the same time establishing a dialogue with surrounding forms – nets, gates, the crossing of tree branches.  Twiggy Grid – like her indoor “sister” – can add character to any space on its own. At the same time, it has the virtue of stylistic restraint: it fits with aplomb into a wide range of contexts – domestic and public – with seductive, never muscular flair. In the hanging version it is ideal for “zones of passage” between an interior and an outdoor space, such as porches.

Colors: Grey or Carmine Red

Dimensions:  18 1/8"W x 11 7/16"H x 126" overall adjustable cable

LED Included 31Watt, 2700K, 2010 Lumens, CRI>90

Material:  Coated fiberglass-based composite material, PMMA, coated metal and aluminium


Marc Sadler

Marc Sadler boasts lengthy experience as an industrial designer in the field of sports, which has often led him to experiment with new materials and innovative production processes. This innovative and experimental approach has become his modus operandi, even when
he designs for sectors which are traditionally more focused on the styling component. He has won four Compassi d’Oro ADI, including the one for Mite and Tite in 2001, projects which have become genuine icons in the Foscarini collection, together with Kite, Twiggy, Tress and Jamaica, each one marked by technological and styling innovation.




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