Terzani Etoile Linear Suspension


Etoile Linear Suspension

Etoile’s intricate network of intersecting nickel lines recalls constellations in a clear night sky. Strategically placed bulbs cast a starry light, twinkling as viewers move around the pendant. Through projecting these complex patterns throughout the room, Etoile casts a heavenly glow in any space. Design Christian Lava.


8 X 20W G4 12V Xenon - T3 or 8 X 2W G4 LED

Dimmable with IGBT


51.2"L x 7.9"W x 7.9"H

About Terzani

Terzani began as a creative design and production laboratory for Lighting objects. Terzani roots itself in the noble craft traditions of wrought iron, carved wood, and Murano glass merged with contemporary form and function. Terzani Lighting is now headquartered in Italy, where skilled artisans design and manufacture each fixture.

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