Terzani Abacus Suspension - 3 Pendant

SKU: 0V03S E8 BAP 1F

Abacus Suspension

Used for centuries as the tool to both teach and communicate mathematics, the abacus was found in one form or another across the ancient world. At Terzani, we saw the beauty in the abacus’ mathematical purity and clean, functional design. In the hands of Terzani’s craftsmen, we’ve turned this inspiration into a new collection of modular pendant lamps whose flexibility allows for complex and beautiful configurations. Each module, or strand, of Abacus contains a custom set of round, hand-blown opal glass which emit a soft and uniform light. And, as the original abacus was used to calculate everything from simple addition to complex formulas, we’ve retained the same scalability. Due to its customization, our Abacus light is just as suitable in a home as a commercial space, and its almost infinite configurations makes sure you always come up with the right solution.


Small: 3 X 3.6W integrated LED board 1620 lm 3000K
Medium: 3 X 7.2W integrated LED board 3240 lm 3000K
Large: 3 X 10.8W integrated LED board 4860 lm 3000K

Dimmable with 0-10V, PWM system only Dimmable with Dali system on request.
ETL Listed.


Small: 7.9" diameter, 19.7" fixture height, 74.8" overall fixture height
Medium: 7.9" diameter, 39.4" fixture height, 74.8" overall fixture height
Large: 7.9" diameter, 51.2" fixture height, 74.8" overall fixture height

About Terzani

Terzani began as a creative design and production laboratory for Lighting objects. Terzani roots itself in the noble craft traditions of wrought iron, carved wood, and Murano glass merged with contemporary form and function. Terzani Lighting is now headquartered in Italy, where skilled artisans design and manufacture each fixture. 

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