WAC Lighting

Step Light Recessed Mud-In


Modern square recessed LED step light by WAC Lighting.  Very bright and dimmable. Simple installation to a standard 2x4 electrical junction box.  

  • Delivered Lumens: 72lm
  • Amber, Blue, Red, White
  • CRI: 90
  • Power: 3.3W
  • Input: 120 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • ELV Dimming: 100-10%
  • Rated Life: 50000 Hours
  • Construction: Die-cast corrosion resistant aluminum alloy
  • Can be painted to match the color of the surface
  • Low profile, flush to wall aesthetics with no visible hardware
  • Balanced lighting, free of shadows with minimum glare
  • Up to 200 fixtures can be connected in parallel

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Junction box: 2” x 4” boxes to have minimum inside dimensions of 3”W x 2”H x 2”D in order to accommodate fixtures. Note: Actual depth of box to be determined in accordance with the NEC and local ordinances.

1. Install 2”x4” junction box.

2. Connect the fixture wires to the junction box wires as follows: Black fixture wire to black (Hot) J-box wire, white fixture wire to white (Neutral) J-box wire, and green fixture wire to Ground. Note: Multiple fixtures (up to 200) can be wired together in parallel: Hot to hot, and neutral to neutral.

3. Place all wiring and connectors back in junction box and install the fixture.

4. Secure fixture to J-box using (2) 8-32 flat head screws (J-box by others, screws by WAC) 

5. Spackle in fixture and smooth/sand spackle so that fixture is level with the rest of the wall. 

6. Paint wall and fixture with desired color, leaving only the “ramp” painted white.

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