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Glacier Ring Chandelier

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Hammerton Studio

Hammerton Studio stands atop a quarter century of company experience pushing the boundaries of innovative custom lighting design. Each collection has been inspired by custom work brought to life by the Hammerton design team in collaboration with leading interior design professionals over the years. Built to your specifications by our artisans, every light reflects the uncompromising design and attention to detail that is distinctly Hammerton. 

Glacier Ring Chandelier 

Ice or diamonds? You decide. Regardless, this stunning collection elevates recycled glass to functional art. Glacier pairs hand polished metalwork with thick artisan cast glass crafted from recycled material brilliantly salvaged from Hammerton’s glassblowing operations. Its unique characteristics allow the glass to dramatically refract light in surprising ways.

Each Glacier shade is a one-of-a-kind creation with subtle variations reflecting the mark of the artisan. Artisan cast glass can cast dramatic shadowing on surrounding surfaces.


36" Diameter and 48" One Ring Chandelier: 


63 Watt, 4240 Lumens 2700K, 93+ CRI

UL listed. 

Two Tier Ring Chandelier 48" Diameter: 


126 Watt, 5440 Lumens 2700K, 93+ CRI

UL listed. 


38" One Ring Chandelier:

Heigh: 4.2"

Width: 36"

Depth: 36"

OAH: 28" - 126", adjustable

Weight: 80 lbs

48" One Ring Chandelier: 

Heigh: 4.9"

Width: 48.2"

Depth: 48.2"

OAH: 36" - 126", adjustable

Weight: 114 lbs

Two-Tier Ring Chandelier: 

Heigh: 4.2" and 4.2"

Width: 36.0" & 48.0"

Depth: 36.0" & 48.0"

OAH: 48" - 126", adjustable

Weight: 198 lbs

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