Egret Mirror Series


The Egret Tri-Colour LED Mirror effortlessly brings class and luxury to your bathroom. This gorgeous mirror features a frosted inner rectangular frame with 30-degree rounded edges, giving it a touch of softness and contemporary style. Equipped with innovative technology, this mirror allows users to select between 3 of the most ideal colour temperatures for indoor lighting. Why settle for only one or two colour temperatures when you can have 3, all at the single touch of a button? Its design truly makes it a fantastic choice for any given space. Note: The mirror can reach its full brightness output at 4400K and half of maximum brightness when set at 3000K or 6500K. When connected to a non-dimmable wall switch, the mirror's memory function allows the last light temperature and brightness setting to be recalled when you turn on the wall switch.

  • Use touch switch to toggle between 3000K, 4400K and 6500K light temperatures.
  • 3rd Generation Eco-friendly Silver Mirror, Copper Free, Anti-Rust
  • Includes Hardware
  • 5mm Thick Mirror, 35% more clarity over the conventional mirrors
  • On Mirror Touch Switch On/OFF (Touch and hold switch to dim)
  • Built-In Anti-Fog Heated Pad
Dimensions Mounting Orientation Weight
24” W  x 32” H Vertical/Horizontal Installation 35 lbs
30” W  x 36” H Vertical/Horizontal Installation  48 lbs
48” W  x 36” H Vertical/Horizontal Installation  72 lbs
60” W  x 35” H Vertical/Horizontal Installation  97 lbs
72” W  x 38” H Vertical/Horizontal Installation  110 lbs
Size (W x H) Power Supply
(Voltage, Wattage, Energy consumption)
Total LED Watts LED Lumens Anti-fog pad size Dimmer function
24" x 32" 33.84W, 110VAC 37.8W 3213LM 11.8125" x 15.75" Yes
30" x 36" 43.22W, 110VAC 44.67W 3797.3LM 11.8125" x 15.75" Yes
48" x 36" 57.36W, 110VAC 60.68W 5157.5LM Two anti-fog pads each are 23.625" x 15.75" Yes
60" x 35" 66.82W, 110VAC 70.46W 5988.7LM Two anti-fog pads each are 23.625" x 15.75" Yes




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