Cerno - Libri Mounting Kit

SKU: 03-160

The libri is about function and ease - an extremely articulate directional task light in a discrete and sturdy form that is very intuitive to use.

Nick Sheridan

Libri Reading Sconce - Mounting Kit

Wall Mount Plug-in, Right
Wall Mount Plug-in, Left
J-Box Backplate

Libri Mounting Kit is an accessory purchase for the Libri Reading Sconce

Mounting kits are sold separately from the Libri fixture.
No Mounting kit is required if the Libri fixture is to be installed using the Direct Mount option.
sconce backplate
J-box Backplate: Mounting Kit (3)
J-box backplate is typically used when mounting to a J-box.
Hardwired installation requires room in the J-box for the included external power adapter (2"x1" x 1.25").
Wall Mount Plug-in Backplate:
Mounting Kit Left and Right
Wall mount plug-in backplate is used when mounting directly to the wall and plugging into a wall outlet.
The wall mount is an elongated rectangle that allows the cord to exit discreetly below the fixture.

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