Beddy A/04 Reading Wall Sconce

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Beddy reading wall sconce designed by Danos Salgodas for Bover is carefully built to be functional and beautiful in form.   The LED functional lamp creates a soft pool of lighting perfect for reading or task work, available as both the left or right side orientation, or in the middle for the dual light version.  Extra deep shelf and USB port for easy phone placement and charging.

Danos wanted to make a product that fits a very specific need: restrict the light to the area where the person wants to read, but at the same time move away from the excessively technical solutions to create a pleasant and dim light. This was achieved by working the LED light through a white diffuser that projects light in all directions. The light can be controlled with a simple movement achieving a very cozy illumination in a limited area without disturbing the person who rests at your side. Light, versatile and fresh. Perfect for minimalist spaces.  For Danos the aesthetic was never the final goal, however we fall in love with Beddy just seeing it. Something emotional radiates of it. "I take care of proportions, which is the key to balance. This goes beyond pure mathematics, it’s a sensitivity issue. When we see something proportionate, we simply know it, "explains Danos. That's why we see Beddy and everything fits in a natural way. Light, versatile and fresh. Perfect for minimalist spaces.    

Finish:  Oak Wood, White

LED:  4.2Watt CRI 90, 2700K

Dimensions:  8.6"W x 12.9"H x 7"Ext

Shade:  3.9" Diam.

Shelf: 4.3"Ext

Surface back box: 10.24” x 5.91” 

Weight capacity of the tray: 4.4 lbs.  Shade rotation 350º.

Materials: Aluminum, Polycarbonate diffuser

Mounts to  standard 4" x 4" electrical junction box.

ETL Certified

About Bover

Bover aims to define a Lighting line that knows how to balance quality and form. The results of Bover's work resulted in a non-temporal style capable to adapt comfortably to future times. Bover manufactures exclusively in Barcelona.

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