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Aria LED Lighted Mirror

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The Aria offers a delicate dichotomy of design for any room requiring a unique new look: the romantic curves of rounded corners combined with the exacting look of a symmetrical inset border of light.


  • 24″W x 36″H x 1.75″D
  • 36″W x 36″H x 1.75″D
  • 48″W x 36″H x 1.75″D
  • 60″W x 36″H x 1.75″D

Corrosion-resistant DuraMirror

Forward-facing task lighting

7-year limited warranty.


Dimmable, replaceable LEDs CRI: 90+ CCT: 3,000 Kelvin (Without Ava) CCT: 2,700/4,600/6,500 Kelvin (With Ava) Calculated L70 52,000-hour LED lifespan

Ava Upgrade

Ava gives you the confidence to look your beautiful best in any environment. The tunable LED lights let you select the color that best matches the environment you’re preparing for — outdoors, indoors, or evening. And with integrated dimming that allows you to adjust the brightness of the lights, Ava can create almost any lighting condition you can imagine.

THE BEAUTY OF SIMPLE INTERACTION  Mirror first turns on at 2,700K at full brightness. Tap to cycle through 2,700K, 4,600K, 6,500K, Night Glow, and Off. Night Glow starts at 1.5% and slowly dims to 0.5% over 20 minutes. For each color level, touch and hold to gradually change light between 100% and 10% brightness. After one hour of non-use, Ava’s Energy Save Mode


120V-240V electrical connection; no electrical box required Fixture should be mounted to wall studs; mounting holes are provided Fixture must be mounted in the width x height orientation listed For Aria without Ava, fixture can be controlled by an on/off switch or forward-phase dimming switch For Aria with Ava, fixture can be controlled by an on/off switch or by using Ava touch control, located 6" up from bottom of mirror


Meets UL/cUL standards International certifications Safety-backed mirror

All mirrors must be installed in the W x H (width x height) orientation listed above; they cannot be installed in any other direction.

Ava requires two wires plus a ground wire from an on/off switch to the mirror. You can also use a two-wire plus ground wire unswitched connection to the mirror to control the lights directly through the on-mirror interface.

About Electric Mirror

As the global leader in mirror technology, Electric Mirror has served the hospitality, commercial, and residential industries for over two decades. Strong design and surprising technology make Electric Mirror's products the most effective way to instantly communicate excellence and flawless luxury standards to discerning customers. Electric Mirror's industry-leading reputation for product originality, flexibility and quality is unmatched, and now you can bring this luxury technology to your own home, as well. Browse Lightopia's selection of Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TVs from Electric Mirror that are made in America with U.S. and global components, and their globally sourced Mirrored Cabinets. Perfect for homes, hotels, and restaurants, in bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, and more.

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