Aplomb Large LED Pendant

SKU: 195017

Aplomb Large is a new lamp made of concrete, but with a different shape and use from the original version. Apart from being larger in size, Aplomb Large is fitted with a built-in LED light source, placed into the body of the lamp, which casts a wide beam of light onto the surface underneath, unlike the original Aplomb version which instead stands out for its accent lighting. Aplomb is made by Italian experts through a craft-based process of concrete processing. The challenge at the heart of this project was to obtain slim thicknesses, light-weight shapes and a textured surface, still pleasant to touch. It was all achieved thanks to the pain staking care and profound knowledge of the raw material, which allowed the creation of a special mix, particularly fluid when poured into the cast. It is available in three colors - white, grey and brown - made with pigments added directly to the material blend, in order to answer different setting requirements. Aplomb Large can be placed over a table, a kitchen island or a counter, at home or in a public place, and it is perfect for use on its own or repeated in linear compositions. Dimmable via Bluetooth with Casambi device included 

Concrete Finishes:  Grey, Brown, or White

Cable Lengths available:  138" or 400"

LED:  Built-in, Dimmable, 1279 Lumens, 11.7 Watts, 2700 Kelvin Warm White, 90 CRI

Material:  Concrete, Aluminum and Polycarbonate

Made in Italy


Lucidi, Pevere

Following initial training on the Milanese design scene, Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere set up their own studio in Udine, engaged in a constant challenge to create new product types, in search of unprecedented materials and technologies.  Synergy with Foscarini research led to the birth of the Aplomb lamp collection, comprising shapes balanced between architecture and design made with an exclusive cement paste; Bahia, a sophisticated graphic sign and a bright game of lights and shadows; Lake, a coloured spot with an organic and asymmetric shape.

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