Aeratron AE3+

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The noiseless movement of the AE3+ fan blades is the result of bionic engineering inspired by birds’ wings.  Keeping you cool using less power than it takes to charge a cell phone.  Designed like the AE2+ but with an extra blade and great efficiency! This unique 3-blade fan is our best seller and an international multi-award winner for design and efficiency.  Rated MOST EFFICIENT 2013-2020 by Energy Star, the AE3+ furnishes quiet, smooth, and even airflow for a perfect living environment, all year round!  Specially-shaped airfoil blades with our signature winglets are designed to create smooth and perfectly even airflow and eliminate air vortex drag and swirl (the common wind noise and strong wind tunnels of conventional fans).  In addition, our Swiss-engineered self-balancing system keeps the blades in a steady, aerodynamic equilibrium, preventing them from wobbling like typical ceiling fans.  Using only 10% of the energy of a conventional ceiling fan and combined with your existing AC systems, Aeratron fans help you save up to 50% on your cooling and up to 30% on your heating costs.

Available in 3 sizes, 6 colors, and suitable for both indoors and outdoors (IP 44), the Aeratron AE3+ can fit any type of space.

Its unique and minimal design will appeal to any style, and its easy DIY installation with optional extension rod and raked ceiling kit will allow you to easily install it on any type of ceiling.

43” - Ideal for spaces up to 10' x 10'

50” - Ideal for spaces up to 13' x 13'

60” - Ideal for spaces up to 20' x 20'

Optional:  Light Kit, Sloped Ceiling Kit, Additional Downrods Available.

Incredibly Quiet
Due to our signature winglet blades

Amazingly Efficient
With our unique self-balancing system and an Energy Star ranking of Most Efficient
Beautifully Designed
With our award-winning, contemporary, organic design
All the way from our packaging to your electric bill
Winter Suitable
With a reverse winter function
Outdoor Suitable
Our fans were designed for indoor use but today, many customers use those outdoors too, without having had any issues.
Raked/High Ceiling Compatible
With an optional extension rod and raked ceiling kit

Energy Consumption (Wattage)
Low / High Speed

Airflow (CFM)
Low / High Speed



43" 3/20 Watt 1614/6086 538/ 304 64/187
50" 3/19 watt 2218/7052 739/371 60/165
60" 3/22 watt 3323/9099 1107/414 58/140

All Aeratron fans are UL-listed (USA), cUL listed (Canada)

Aeratron products purchased new are covered by a 3 Year parts warranty and 30 year motor warranty effective from the date of purchase (proof will be required at time of claim).  Aeratron will cover the cost of labor to repair the defect at Aeratron’s preferred location of service or its own service facility.

Customer Reviews (1)

Aeratron AE3+ 43" No light

We got the Aeratron AE3+ 43" fan for our TV room. It has greatly improved the comfort of the room and looks great doing it. It is very quite and it does not interfere with enjoying the TV. We are very happy with the Fan. Bryan Straw
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