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Matthews Fan Company Duplo-Dinamico Ceiling Fan


The Duplo-Dinamico Ceiling Fan by Matthews Fan Company circulates heat and air conditioning more efficiently than traditional paddle fans. Few designs can match the timeless and sophisticated aesthetic of the Duplo-Dinamico rotational ceiling fan. Other manufacturers have tried to reproduce this unique design, though all have proven to be of lesser quality and durability. The motor heads can be infinitely positioned in 180-degree arcs for optimum air movement; the greater the angles of the motors to the horizontal support rods (up or down), the faster the axial rotation. A slow, controlled axial rotation is achieved by both motor head position and fan blade speed. You will be pleased with the performance and style of the Duplo-Dinamico Ceiling Fan.



39" Diameter x 6" Height; Height adjustable from 6" - 19"
Canopy: 5.5" Width

  • Material: Cast Aluminum, heavy spun/ stamped steel
  • Number of Blades: 6
  • Fan Airflow: 2959
  • Motor Type: AC
  • Fan Watts: 75.00
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Increasing angles of fan head to support poles increases speed of axial rotation
  • 180 degree tilt between horizontal support rods
  • Ceiling canopy suitable for installation on flat ceilings only
  • Assembly Required
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Since 1992, Matthews Fan Company has designed and manufactured hand-crafted fans that provide a contemporary and cool feel to the ventilation world. With sleek designs and current ventilation technology, Matthews Fan Company's handmade fans with lifetime warranties will be the ideal center piece to any room.

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