Lasvit - Neverending Glory Prague Estate Pendant

SKU: CL008PI-1UL00-0110S1
Neverending Glory Pendant - Prague Estate 


Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus sketched the shape of the Lasvit Neverending Glory chandeliers by rotating the silhouette around its own axis. The large pieces of glass, for which even the wooden moulds are enormous are so demanding to produce that it would not be possible to create anything bigger. In the individual silhouettes, it is possible to recognize iconic chandeliers from five of the world’s most eminent concert halls and theatres; La Scala in Milan, Palais Garnier in Paris, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Czech Republic’s Estates Theater in Prague, and the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.


Small (clear, Iris): 1 × LED E12, Porc I MP, Tala, 3W, 2700K, 150 Lummens CRI95  (Smoke) 1 × LED E12, Pluto T, Tala 3W, 2200K 240 Lummens CRI95

Medium (Clear, Iris): 1 × LED E26, 6 W, 2700 K, 420 Lummens, CRI 95 (Smoke) 1 × LED E26, 6 W, 2200 K, 480 Lummens, CRI 95

Large (clear, iris): 1 × LED E26, 6W , 2700K Lm 420 CRI 95 smoke 1 × LED E26, 6W, 2200K Lm 480 CRI 95


Small: 8 11/16" Diameter x 14 3/8" Height 

Medium: 13" Diameter x 22 1/2" Height

Large: 17 5/16" Diameter x 28 3/4" Height 

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