Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

Size matters when picking the right fan, then it’s all about your style!

Ceiling fans are incredibly efficient at helping your room feel more comfortable. By moving air, fans can help you feel cooler, or even warmer during the winter. Start with the location of your room and the size of it, that will help you narrow down your choices. Then it’s all about style! The trend is towards larger fans in great rooms and modern finishes with wood blades.


Big fans move big air. Wider blade spans over 60” will get your rooms moving, the larger motors are a great way to save on cooling for vast indoor or outdoor spaces.


Smart homes have smart thermostats, and they know when to get things moving. Sync your thermostat with your fan and make your life easier. Whether using Amazon, Nest, Ecobee, or Bond, get smart!


No more vinyl blades with cherry on one side and oak on the other!  We've stepped up the quality of grain texture with grey wood, weathered wood, whitewash, even black wood, and yes some are made from actual real wood!

Ceiling fans are the most economical way to cool your space during the summer months.  Fans help keep you cool, or warm, and eliminate prolonged use of air conditioning and heating, which saves a lot of energy and money, even in the winter!


Looking to update your fan with a fresh new look? Our selection showcases the latest cutting edge designs that have the latest motor technology, fan control, and exhibit quiet sophistication for the discerning eye.


Is your ceiling vertically challenged? You should have at least 7’ of clearance for your blades, which means if you have an eight foot ceiling, you are good to go; any lower you should get out the measuring tape. Hugger fans have the minimal clearance you need for safety.


Designers have never liked fans, especially fans with lights! Well, the older fan kits with tulip glass shades are gone and newer LED light kits are changing everything. LED is now integrated to become part of the fan, instead of an accessory. Sometimes a cap will cover the light so you can use the light or hide it away. With better dimming and brighter output, ceiling fans with LED’s can be the perfect dual function for your space.