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The Fan Club

Fans, by nature, are cool. Over time they have been in and out of style, but one function has remained constant: fans increase air movement across the skin, which in turn creates a cooling effect.  Fans have also been a fashi
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Lightovation Trend: Embracing Nature

The Pandemic brought a lot of us together over the last few years in many ways, and mostly in quarantined indoor spaces where we felt safe and secure.  However, the human spirit can only be cooped up for so long until we all go a little crazy an
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Backyard Must Haves!

Now is the time to get outside and get to know each other once again!  Get ready to fill up your Summer social calendar and create your very own backyard oasis.  When it comes to creating the perfect backyard for entertaining, there are a l
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Landscape Lighting for Starters, 5 easy tips!

Light up the night Make your front yard or back yard look like the cover of Architectural Digest. Most lighting professionals will tell you that landscape lighting subscribes to the old adage that less is more. We're here to say more is more!
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Lightovation Trend: Back in Black Lighting Ideas

After moving past the brass, which was hard to do, the stark black finishes drew us in deeper at this years Lightovation.  Black is still very much in play and has a pure quality about it that let's it disappear into a design landscape, qui
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