Fanimation FP6717-220 Ascension 56 inch 220V Ceiling Fan

SKU: FANFP6717-220
Availability: 3-4 Weeks
The Belleria provides the exotic look and feel of the tropics all year round. This innovative fan can be operated in dry, damp or wet locations so that you can enjoy its cooling breezes rain or shine. The easily adaptable Belleria has several blade options OBich include woven bamboo and natural palm leaf and a wide variety of blade sweeps ranging from 44” to 80”. The Belleria can be mounted on a ceiling with up to a 30 degree slope and includes a 6” downrod. A multitude of finish options including aged bronze, matte OBite, textured black and tortoise shell are available to further enhance the Belleria’s essence of tropical charm.
  • Multiple blade options available (sold separately)
  • Optional controls available (sold separately)
  • Optional lighting fitters and light kits available (sold separately)
  • Product Weight: 25
  • Product Length: 48-72
  • Product Width: 48-72
  • Product Height: 16.3
  • Housing Diameter Inches: 12.69
  • Ceiling to Blade Edge Inches: 15
  • Light Kit Included: No
  • Cap Included: No
  • Included Control Type: Pull Chain
  • Blade Pitch Degrees: 20
  • Number of Blades: 5
  • Blade Sweep Inches: 48 - 72
  • Leadwire Inches: 80
  • Downrod Length Inches: 6
  • Canopy Diameter Inches: 6.5
  • Canopy Height Inches: 2.58
  • Motor Type: AC
  • Number of Speeds: 3
  • Compatible Blades: B5131DC, B5131RC, B5132DC, B5133CYWA, B5133MOMP, B5133TKMH, B5212WA, B5214WA, B5260WA, B5270WA, B5280WA, B5300WA, B5310WA, B5330WA, B5340WA, B5350WA, B6030CY, B6030MH, B6030MP, B6030TK, B6060WA, B6070WA, B6080WA, B6110WA, B6130WA, B6131DC, B6131RC, B6132DC, B6132RC, B6133TKMH, BPD1A, BPD4A, BPD4BL, BPD4MW, BPP1BR, BPP1TN, BPP4BR, BPP4GR, BPP4TN, BPW10CY, BPW20CY, BPW20MH, BPW20TK, BPW6030CY, BPW6030MH, BPW6030MP, BPW6030TK, BPW6090DNA, ISD1A, ISD1C, ISD2A, ISD4A, ISD4C, ISD7A, ISP1, ISP1RB, ISP2, ISP4, ISP4RB, ISP5
  • Compatible Light Kits: F301AZ, F404AZ, F423AZ, FW423AZ, LK112A, LK114AAZ, LK114WAZ, LK122A, LK124AAZ, LK124WAZ, LKFL250, LKFL260, LKLP101AZ, LKLP102AZ, LKLP111AAZ, LKLP112AAZ
  • Compatible Controls: BTCR9, BTR9, C4, CRL4WH, CRL8TS
  • Compatible Wall Controls: CW1LA, CW1SWLA, CW1SWWH, CW1WH, CW2LA, CW2WH, CW5LA, CW5WH, CW60WH, CWRL4LA, CWRL4WH
  • Compatible Accessories: CCK8002TS, DR1-12TS, DR1-18TS, DR1-24TS, DR1-36TS, DR1-48TS, DR1-60TS, DR1-72TS, DR1-CPTS, SCB1-52
  • Voltage Cycle: 60HZ
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
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