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Step Lighting

Using outdoor step lights makes your property much safer, while also adding an air of elegance. If your home has an outdoor staircase, and you are not using step lights, you may be putting yourself and others at risk. At Lightopia, we make it easy and convenient to order and install quality step lights for your home. Just explore the full range of attractive options we have available, and see how you can accentuate your home like never before.

Consider Your Stair’s Surroundings
As you plan your outdoor step lighting, think about the layout of the property. If your stairs are secluded, you should consider getting at least one step light for each step in order to illuminate the stairs and the surrounding areas effectively. If your staircase is near other light sources, such as natural ambient lighting that comes from a window or other nearby light source, you may not need as many lights. Keep in mind that you may also require task lighting or accent lighting nearby, which may reduce how many step lights are required.

Choose Lights that Fit the Mood
Consistency is the key to sophisticated lighting. If you want your outdoor stairs to feel whimsical, consider using a variety of different LED colors. If you want a more straightforward and minimalist atmosphere, some basic white LEDs should do the job. If you install new outdoor step lights at the same time you install your other outdoor lighting fixtures, you can really create a seamless atmosphere based on your home and your personal preferences.

Keep Safety in Mind
As you decorate your outdoor area with new lighting, it can be easy to forget about the main reason for using them in the first place – safety. Step lights do add an upscale look to outdoor patios, decks, and other exterior structures, but their primary purpose is to keep people from falling as they walk up or down the stairs. Make sure that you use outdoor step lights that provide enough illumination for people to confidently see ahead of them.

Complement Your Step Lights
The key to successful lighting solutions is to layer different types of light. Of course, outdoor step lights are fairly straightforward, but that does not mean they should not be used as part of a broader plan. The first step is to look at your natural ambient lighting. You may also have essential task lights illuminating a patio, sports court, or any other area that requires light for use. Once you see how the ambient and task lights interact, you can complement them with the perfect step lights and accent light.

Why Choose Lightopia?
At Lightopia, we are passionate about lighting, and we are thrilled to help our customers and clients to really get the most out of their property with upscale lighting solutions that work. Unlike many other large retailers, we are able to give our full attention to our customers and clients, resulting in successful, lasting partnerships. We have an inventory of over 15,000 unique lighting fixtures to fit any taste, and we will even work with you directly to make your custom vision come to life. Place your order today.

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