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Accent Lighting

The lighting in your home directly sets the mood and alters your experiences – so it’s very important that you make it count. Too many homeowners overlook their lighting, not realizing how much potential they are missing. By combining ambient, task, and accent lighting solutions, you can really add a whole new level of beauty and elegance to the interior of your home. Choosing the right outdoor accent lighting can be a bit more difficult, but with a bit of preparation and forethought, you can create a truly spectacular presentation that sets your home apart from the rest.

Use the Right Lights for the Right Settings
For outdoor lighting, you should consider your options. Do you need lights for security, safety, a certain task, or strictly for aesthetic value? Once you know your goal, it is much easier to make an informed decision when purchasing outdoor accent lighting fixtures. For instance, you may use accent lighting to make the tree in your front yard really pop out, or you may want to line the rails of your patio with LED strips for a luxurious and vibrant atmosphere. These types of lighting solutions are much different than strategic security or safety lighting, as the primary focus is to please the eye and exemplify the home exterior.

Be Tasteful
As you choose your outdoor accent lighting, you really want to make sure not to overdo it. Choose specific features that you think should be highlighted. Plants, statues, fountains, and other yard structures are all excellent options. Placing accent lighting at the base of these items illuminates them and adds a hauntingly beautiful shine. You could also place a strip of LED lighting around your garden or down a walkway to increase visibility while adding a sophisticated and otherworldly glow. Remember that too much accent lighting can be distracting, so really think about where you want the viewer’s focus to land and the mood you want to convey.

Plan Overlapping Lighting Solutions
Most homeowners don’t use strictly outdoor accent lights as their primary outdoor lighting solution. If you already have safety lights or security lights in a particular area, you may not need to set up accent lighting in the same location. However, some homeowners like to have the option of switching between lights, so make sure to install lights that can be adjusted or turned on or off with minimal hassle if you do decide to have lighting areas overlap. Blending lighting types can create a unique effect as well.

Use Ambient and Task Lighting
Your ambient lighting may come from a broad-range security light, from a large window to your home, or anywhere else where light spreads organically. Consider your ambient light sources, and plan your accent lighting around them. You should also think about task lighting. For instance, if your porch has LED light strips surround it, accent lights may not be necessary in that area. The best outdoor accent lighting works in conjunction with other types of lighting in the area.

Order Upscale Lighting Solutions at Lightopia
We are proud to offer high-end outdoor accent lighting solutions to today’s modern and discerning homeowners. If you are ready to give your home the illumination it deserves, we are here to help. In addition to providing the best lighting solutions in the industry, many of which are exclusive to Lightopia, we also offer exceptional customer service that you simply won’t find elsewhere. We are very accessible, so please feel free to get in touch at 1.877.559.7516, or contact us through the major social media outlets. Illuminate your home and your life with Lightopia.

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