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Landscape Lighting

Light defines our experiences and shapes our surroundings. The right or wrong lighting can make or break a room, which is why paying close attention to lighting choices and details is critical for any discerning homeowner. Landscape lighting in particular is an art that requires careful consideration and an excellent eye, and sometimes even professional assistance. Of course, using the right lighting solutions is an absolute must, which is why informed, progressive home designers choose Lightopia for modern landscape lighting.

Choosing the Right Lights
Getting started in luxury landscape lighting can be challenging if you are not familiar with the subtle details. There are some basic goals and considerations you should have in mind as you shop for landscaping lights. Decide whether you need security, safety, task, or aesthetic lighting, and then you can more effectively choose the right lighting solutions for your needs. Whether you require an elegant glow to wash over your garden, safety lights for a swimming pool, strategic lights to highlight your home’s architecture, or anything else you can imagine, we can help. Lightopia makes your dream a reality.
Security Lighting
Illuminated homes are far less likely to be victimized by criminals. The effectiveness of your security lights varies depending on their location, coverage, and illumination quality. Security landscape lights can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing when done correctly. Instead of using powerful flood lights that leave defined dark paths for intruders to hide, experts recommend using a strategic lighting plan that utilizes well-placed, dim lights that illuminate the entire area without being overwhelming.

Safety Lighting
Safety lights differ from security lights in that they are generally used to protect the home’s residents or guests, rather than keeping people out. For instance, if you have a walking bridge over a pond, it is essential that you have safety lighting to keep people from falling in. Other common areas requiring safety lights include swimming pools, stairs, pathways, and anywhere there may be a tripping hazard. While low-brightness modern landscape lighting is usually ideal, homes with visually impaired residents may want to opt for something a bit brighter.

Task lighting
We carry a variety of task lighting options for all of your high end landscape lighting needs. Task lighting solutions are necessary for outdoor areas that require visibility in the evening or at night. For example, you wouldn’t want to go play tennis after dinner without lighting. Task lighting can be used for sports courts, docks, patios, and anywhere else on the property where attractive, upscale lighting is required. Experts usually recommend using adjustable lights so you can enjoy the perfect illumination for specific moments, and increase or decrease brightness as desired.

Order Elegant Lighting Solutions Today
We are committed to providing upscale, elegant lighting solutions that work. We take pride in the products we sell, and we go to great lengths to ensure the complete satisfaction of every one of our customers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call toll free at 1.877.559.7516, or get in touch through all of the major social media networks. Make your life just a little brighter with Lightopia landscape lighting.

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