Lamps (Light Bulbs) LED Lighting technology uses on average 1/6th the amount of energy as a gas incandescent lamp, contains zero Mercury, produces minor heat, and lasts 50k hours.
Philips EnduraLED™ Candle LED Lamps
EnduraLED™ Dimmable Indoor Flood
Philips EnduraLED™ MR16 LED Lamps
Philips AmbientLED™ R20 (NR-63) Lamps
Philips EnduraLED™ A19 Dimmable LED Lamp
Recessed Lighting The most popular form of lighting a home, LED recessed lights can be installed for new construction and remodel projects or by retrofitted (updating) your current cans.
Eco-Downlight LED
Ceiling Fans Utilizing fans during the winter and summer months can save as much as 10% on your HVAC bills. Energy-Star rated ceiling fans are 15% more efficient.
Cirrus Ceiling Fan
Altus Ceiling Fan
Ball Ceiling Fan
Dimmers Eco-Dimmers start with 15% energy savings just by installing them. The more you dim, the more you save.
Maestro Occupancy Sensor
Occupancy/Daylight Senors/Timers Sensors automatically turn lights off when a room is vacant and can provide up to 20% lighting energy savings.
Decorative Lighting Fixtures Look for the Energy-Star logo and/or high-efficacy LED or Fluorescent when considering your next decorative fixture.
Mystique LED Down
Under-cabinet Lighting Change your HOT, to the touch, Halogen or Xenon lighting to more energy efficient, dimmable, and zero maintenance LED.
eW Cove MX Powercore
eW Profile Powercore
Cove Lighting Indirect LED lighting is very pleasing and consistent light without the traditional hot-spots as well as no heat.
Display Lighting Display Lighting New LED Tape-light allows you to install tiny strips of light in the smallest niches and crevices for a professional look.
Step Lighting Interior and Exterior stairwell lighting can be replaced with LED for no lifetime maintenance.
Task Lighting Switching to an LED desk lamp will eliminate the local heat of most traditional desk lamps.
Z-Bar High Power
Lighting Control Systems Lighting systems allow unused lights to be turned off, programmable dimming, time clocks, safety and convenience.
Grafik Eye QS
Grafik Eye
Solar Shades Lower your shades at a certain time of day automatically. Block the sun and heat and save on your energy bill.
Sivoia Roller Shades
Landscape Lighting Feel good about lighting your home with energy-efficient sources that require zero maintenance.
Soy Candles Earth-friendly Soy candles release no CO2, with a clean burn for 70+ hours unlike traditional paraffin wax candles.
Portuguese Olive Blossom
D'Anjou Lychee
White Birch Rosemary
Green Pearl Jasmine
Anisette Orange