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Pamela Vandergrift is the owner and designer of the original art pieces of Ethereal Lighting. Residing in Laguna Niguel, California, Pamela produces powerful yet elegant light fixtures with a great appreciation of old world craftsmanship and sweeping Ethereal design. Pamela's unique and creative artistry was shaped by her life experience: perfect, textured and complete.

Raised by an adventurous, fun loving but struggling single mom, Pamela's entrepreneurial spirit and flair for design was evident from the start. Through many life changing ventures including establishing her own Marble and Granite Showroom in West Hollywood and utilizing her excellent marketing skills in a variety of areas, Pamela soon found herself back to her original roots of interior design.

Pamela of Ethereal Lighting found her passion reemerge in 1994 with a very successful home interiors company, Heywire, specializing in a line of lanterns, jewel boxes and picture frames made out of sculpted wire and beads. Although in 1996 her vision changed, with an inspirational trip to a lighting parts facility in search of vintage glass. Soon after she was designing lamps herself, and building chandeliers, candelabras and sconces from cast parts for high-end retail galleries. A perfect beginning to a once therapeutic hobby evolved into a successful business that has established Pamela's majestic Ethereal Lighting Collection.

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