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Do you remember ROY G BIV from grade school?  It stands for all of the colors in light: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  These are the visible waves of the electromagnetic spectrum.  That's right, light is a wave of electromagnetic radiation, or energy, just like sound, but at a different frequency.  It's important to remember the colors within light because it helps understand the effects that light has.

If you ask an architect, builder, interior designer, or home owner when the topic of lighting should be addressed you will probably get 4 different answers.  If you ask each one of them where the lighting sources in a room should go, their is a very good chance you will hear four different opinions.  The reason behind this is that lighting design, like all design, is very opinionated. 

Lighting should be addressed at the beginning stages of a project.  Both Natural and Artificial lighting should be discussed.
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